How the idea found life...

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages, ideas and suggestions of who we should be, what we should think, and what we should look like.  We are taught early on to discredit what we feel is right + good for us and to instead seek external validation that what we want and need is deemed acceptable. 

Finding herself impacted by society’s imposed expectations, for years, our founder, Melanie’s catch phrase was “I just want to feel like me again”. After her mother passed away, she felt the urge to reconnect with her spirituality. She found herself again drawn to elements of the occult that had piqued her younger self’s curiosity. However, when she would enter a metaphysical store, she would often find herself overwhelmed by the selection, unsure of what she was looking for or needed, and was often too shy to ask questions.  In discussing this predicament with her partner, she thought “I must not be the only one” and from there the idea for My Soul Care Box found life.     

What we are about...

At My Soul Care Box, we believe that the soul is the true essence of who we are and that authentic empowerment resides within each and everyone of us. The goals of My Soul Care Box are (1) to provide individuals seeking to (re)connect with their inner + higher self, monthly themed tools to ultimately help them align their soul with various aspects of their life; and, (2) to empower and collaborate with like-minded independent local businesses (women-led where possible). All of the thoughtfully curated items in the boxes are locally sourced and most are hand-crafted, except the crystals yet these are ethically sourced and hand-selected.

We wish to create an empowered community filled with love, support and collaboration, and we hope to have you along for the journey!

Have any other questions about us or our collections? Please feel free to contact us on clicking the button below.