What is My Soul Care Box?

My Soul Care Box is a Canadian subscription box company that develops collections of themed boxes promoting self-care for the soul. Currently, My Soul Care Box has launched the (re)Connection Series which offers 12 thoughtfully curated themed boxes aimed to help subscribers align their soul with various aspects of their life. You can see some of the revealed themes here. We are diligently working on creating other meaningful series to be made available soon.

What’s inside the box?

The boxes include an assortment of theme-related items such as:

  • aromatherapy products, like incense + EO sprays;
  • metaphysical items, like crystals + intention decks;
  • esoteric items, like herbal teas, candles, and bath + body products; and, 
  • lifestyle accessories.

All items are sourced locally. Most items are handcrafted in local women-owned businesses, the others are ethically sourced and hand-selected by a family-owned business. See a list of collaborators here.

How are the products and crystals selected?

We do a lot of research to find locally made or sourced products for the various themes in the curated series. We also trust our intuition to guide us to like-minded independent entrepreneurs and to crystals that have theme-related attributes.

How does it work?

You sign up by selecting one of the subscription plans described below and wait for your first delivery (the WELCOME box) to arrive!  We ship once a month (between the 1st and the 7th of each month) so you should receive your boxes by mid-month if not sooner.  However, as a result of COVID, we cannot guarantee delivery times.

What kind of subscription plans do you offer?

We offer 3 subscription plans.

3-month pre-paid subscription plan: Charged every 3-months*, you commit to receiving 3 boxes on a monthly basis. You are charged the amount, plus shipping for the term as well as applicable taxes.

6-month pre-paid subscription plan: Charged every 6-months*, you commit to receiving 6 boxes on a monthly basis. You are charged the amount, plus shipping for the term as well as applicable taxes.

12-month pre-paid subscription plan: Charged every 12-months*, you commit to receiving 12 boxes on a monthly basis. You are charged the amount, plus shipping for the term as well as applicable taxes.

NOTE that all new subscriptions begin with the WELCOME Box as it contains tools we believe essential for the entirety of your My Soul Care Box journey.

** You can cancel your commitment any time prior to the renewal of your next commitment by following the instructions in our cancelation policy found here.

Can I GIFT a subscription?

Absolutely! You can gift any of our pre-paid subscription plans to a loved one of your choice and choose to have it automatically renew (or not) at the end of the pre-paid term.  Your loved one will receive, on a monthly basis, a theme box for the duration of the pre-paid plan you selected. (see How does it work above for shipping details).

You can also gift any of the items in our Shop by checking the “This is a gift” box at Check Out.

What do you carry in your SHOP?

We offer some of our favourite in-stock items in our SHOP: like the custom design Catalina Sanchez “Soul Notes” Notebook or the WELCOME Box. Replenish your favourite items from the boxes or gift them to friends and family.

Stock varies all the time so visit often to check out what we have available!

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us by using the button below.